Anger Management Program

A culmination of over 32 years experience of blending the self-control, discipline and personal growth of Traditional Taekwon-Do, Hapkido, and Karate with psychology, psychotherapy, and hypnosis.

The Anger Management Program that I offer is the most unique, in depth, personal growth and life skills experience in the tri-county area.

Cognitive-Behaviorally based, the subjects presented are a powerful combination of intensive training and experience. I have taught over 5000 martial arts students over a 38-year period and over 5000 anger management clients over the last 20 years.

Using the ancient warrior philosophies combined with modern psychological theory, the educational process that occurs in my classes is very comprehensive. My 32 years experience with the design and implementation of Anger Management Programs has given me the expertise needed to make a dynamic impact in the anger management field.

The complex anger management issues faced by most people require insightful effort, timing and commitment to reach the depths needed to effect permanent change.

I personally guarantee results at a deep level of fundamental change to all those men and women who complete my course.

Program Fees